Monday, June 9, 2008

Sometimes There's A Man

I Can Haz Money??!!?

I'm Peein on Ur Rug

(and it really tied the room together)

Ur Out of Ur Element

My Awards

Ur Revolution iz Over

I can haz 1,000??

mark it zero, d00d

we haz bunny

They See Me Rollin

I Iz the Walrus?!?

yeah, well that'z just like ur opinion, man


her life iz in ur hands

Ur Dirty Undies

Invisible Handoff

Shomer Shabbos!!1!

Phone's Ringin, d00d

...and my Creedence

My Art

Johnson Goes Where?!?!?

I'm In Ur Apartment

He'z A Gud Man, and Thorough

I Haz A Rash

I Haz A Beverage

teh plane haz crashed

I Haz Certain Information

I Can Get U A Toe, d00d

I Haz A Marmot


LOL @ Leadz

At Leest Iz Ethos

Sumtimz You Nom the Bar



My Cycle

His Father is Arthur Digby Sellerz

We is Here 2 see Larry

And A Good Day To You, Too, Sir!

I Haz Health Problemz

Iz This Ur Homework?


This Iz Whut Happens, Larry


We Can Has Cheezburger

Helluva Caucasian

Dreem Sequenz


Relevant to My Interests